It’s Okay to be a Tourist


I think that sometimes, the world gets too caught up in being a traveler and getting off the beaten path. Ultimately, I think it’s okay to stay on the beaten path from time to time. We live in a world where we are expected to go, go, go ’round the clock and sometimes, we just need a break.


It is okay to take a week and relax at a resort.

It is okay to hang out at the pool bar day after day trying their whole menu during happy hour.

It is okay to be a lazy bum that books tours where you don’t have to worry about any of the planning.

It is okay to be a tourist.


I went down to Mexico with a friend over winter break and we had explicit instructions from both of our parents to stay at the resort, only book tours through the concierge, and don’t venture anywhere we felt unsafe.

I was a little bummed, because me, being sucked into the constant go, go, go, and be a concencious off the beaten path traveler, thought that being confined to a beach resort was going to be dreadfully boring. It ended up being wonderful.


Turns out a solid week of being a lazy tourist was just what the doctor should have ordered.

We booked three tours for our stay. And planned them for one every other day so we could chill out at the pool on our off days.

We were never short of things to do though. From snorkeling off the shore at the resort, to a snorkeling excursion, swimming in cenotes (sinkholes) to swimming in a cave, and finally visiting Chichen Itza there was plenty to keep us busy during the tours and hanging out at the resort.


What do you think about being a tourist vs. a traveler?


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