My First Airbnb Experience

airbnb experience

I’ve read on many travel blogs how wonderful Airbnb is and the concept is fantastic. However my first Airbnb experience has a lot to be desired.

I was on my way to Hawaii and in Minneapolis, in fact, when I reached out and requested to book a bed in this room. I still had many hours to go before I even got to Hawaii so I figured no big deal, this girl will approve it and I’ll have a cheap place to stay.

First glimpse of land after leaving San Francisco. #Aloha #Oahu #Hawaii

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The first thing I did as soon as the wheels touched the ground in Honolulu some ten hours later was check Airbnb. The girl had not responded to my request, which left an exhausted me scrambling to find a bed for the night, with Mom’s help (Thanks Mom for being my fantastic travel agent!)

I will try Airbnb again, because I do realize there are a few bad apples in every group. However, I will not book it the day of, I will do it in advance or at least be in contact with the host prior to the day of.

So where did I end up staying?

waikiki sand villa

The Waikiki Sand Villa.

My room was fantastic! Aside from the fact that I got two beds for just one person, but whatever. I had a corner room and a fantastic balcony on that wrapped around the corner allowing the wonderful Hawaii breeze to blow through my room.

And the toilet… it was weird. The seat was all high tech with buttons and it was… different.

waikiki sand villa

Everything in the hotel was in both English and Japanese. It certainly made things interesting, but I can’t read Japanese (yet), so.

waikiki sand villa

All in all, I’d say the whole not staying with Airbnb this time around worked out fantastically. They even gave a 15% coupon to use for my next stay. How nice of them!

What’s your favorite Hawaiian Hotel?


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