The Statue of Liberty from the Sky

Last summer (2014) I had the opportunity to travel to Newark, NJ for a job. While I wanted to stay the weekend and see the sights in New York City, time just wasn’t on my side.
I literally ran from the moment I stepped off the plane out to the check in counter, made it back through security and onto the exact same plane I stepped off of 30 minutes prior. Impressed? So was I and the flight attendants.


That was quite the travel experience for me because, I got an entire row of three seats to myself. But it wasn’t just the three seats that made it an experience, it was the fact that I was on the correct side of the plane to see the Statue of Liberty (without all the lines!) and Manhattan. This trip was right up there with seeing the Grand Canyon as we flew over it. Simply spectacular.


Sorry for the grainy photos. The iPhone 4s camera can only do so much when zoomed to max.


Have you ever seen something cool from the window seat?

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