Mount Rainier National Park Photo Diary

Mount Rainier National Park is a perfect day trip from Seattle. Keep in mind the higher in elevation you go, the greater chance there is for snow. Bring a warm jacket, even in the summer!

I was really proud of myself because this was the first trip I used my camera in 100% manual mode. At the same time, my photos turned out kinda crappy and were incredibly difficult to edit.

Near the entrance of the national park, the forest is dense. The trees are massive and the trunks are covered with a thick layer of moss. As you make your way deeper into the park, keep your eyes open for waterfalls.

Glacial and snow meltwater creates temporary rivers down the side of a hill.

The higher up in elevation we went, the snowier it became.

The most interesting part about visiting the national park in June was some of the roads were still buried in snow. And the snow was several feet deep. Crazy!

Have you been to Mount Rainier National Park? Did you drive as far as the road would let you and go back? Or did you get out and hike?

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