The Residence Inn Roseville, Minnesota

Entrance to the Residence Inn
Entrance to the Residence Inn

After being on the road for about eight hours I was beyond excited when I pulled into the parking lot of the Residence Inn. The exterior of the building looked more like a home than a hotel, which was interesting and made the whole place seem so much more inviting than other hotels I have stayed at. I hoped that meant the bed would be comfortable and the breakfast delicious!

Checking In

The woman at the front desk that night was very friendly. She got me checked in and before I knew it, I was on my way to the room ready to crash.

The Room


But first, I needed to explore the studio apartment like room. I also needed to take a few photos before I “moved in” and messed it all up!

Like I mentioned in A Quick Guide to Roseville, I wouldn’t mind if the school managed to clone the hotel room and replace my apartment with it. Of course, they would also have to magically clone all the furniture too because the bed was AMAZING! And loved the desk!

One of the features that really stood out in the room was the swivel TV one to of the drawers at the foot of the bed. The TV served as an effective divider, separating the sleeping and the living areas.

Immediately inside the door was a small kitchen complete with a dishwasher and a full set of dishes. Anyone, not just businessmen, could easily feel right at home here.



Both mornings the complimentary breakfast included eggs and egg whites were served with different types of sausages. Hard boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and other standard breakfast fare was in the main area. In my opinion, the best part of breakfast was the pineapple orange guava juice (something I have only ever seen on the Hawaiian Islands).

The Pool

The pool was wonderful and the hot tub was glorious.

The pool at the Residence Inn
The pool at the Residence Inn

I wasn’t able to figure out how to turn the bubbler for the hot tub on, though. There was a small sign that said something like, push the button to make the bubbles. I looked everywhere for that button. Eventually, I gave up and sank into the warm water slightly defeated.

It wasn’t until a man came along and asked if he could turn the bubbles on that I found where the “button” was. It wasn’t a button at all! It was a dial, right next to the sign.

The pool deck at the Residence Inn
The pool deck at the Residence Inn


Next to the front desk was a small convenience store. It had convenience items like ice cream, TV dinners, chips, snacks, and milk. Outside there were several areas where someone could kick back and relax. A small patio and the basketball court seemed to be the places to hang out in the evening.

All and all, the experience was enjoyable and I will definitely be staying at a Residence Inn again sometime in the future.

The super small convenience store near the front desk
The super small convenience store near the front desk

Many thanks to Roseville Visitors Association and Residence Inn Roseville for hosting me during this stay. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.

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