Why Do You Want to Start a Blog?

why blog

Four years ago on July 19th I dove head first into the world of blogging unsure of everything.

I was a shy, 17 year-old high school girl content to hide in the back of the classroom with my nose in a book. I wrote my blog under the pen name of Alisa Johnson because I was terrified that other kids from school would find me on the internet and bully me for my reading and writing.

You can still find my first blog here. I’m too proud of it to take it down.

why blog

I have come a very long way from the days of hiding behind the book and the screen. Gradually, I transitioned to posting stuff under my real name as I began to dive out into other topics I tried to blog about.

I’ve tried starting a photo blog to share my award winning photography, but I wasn’t too passionate about that and it soon fell to the wayside. I tried a college lifestyle blog. Not a single post was published or written.

While I was working on designing my first travel blog in early 2014, I decided to start a DIY (Design It Yourself) Blogger Design blog as a cheat sheet for the coding challenged (me). That never happened either.

The more I matured, the more passionate I became about travel. I would go anywhere I could if I had free time. My love of telling stories and writing never went away. My photography skills have improved over the four years too.


For me, blogging has morphed into a passion and a place where I can share my travels with more than just my Facebook friends. I think they get sick of seeing me going somewhere new and exciting all the time.

Blogging allows my writing and photography to be seen worldwide. It allows me to weave wonderful stories about my experiences.

Before you dive into this crazy world of blogging you need to as yourself why.

Why do you want to start a blog?


This is just the first post in a blogging series that will stretch several more posts.


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