Taking the Light Rail to the Mall of America


So you’re stuck in the Minneapolis airport with a crazy long layover. What do you do?

You can explore the Airport Mall, but after years of passing through the airport and seeing all of the same stuff, the Airport Mall gets incredibly repetitive.

Another popular option from when I was younger was to ride the tram up and down the tracks just to pass the time. Now as an adult, it’s just a really nice convenience instead of having to run from the end of C Concourse to the start of C Concourse.


When you’ve done all that and you are still bored or wanting something better to do you can take the light rail to the Mall of America. Now that a pretty sweet option!

Trains run every 10 minutes during rush hours and every 20 minutes during non rush hours. Talk about convenience. That saves you a day of boredom and a car rental day (if you want to leave the airport).


To get there you have to leave the secured area and head to baggage claim. Once in baggage claim, head down to the next level and walk straight past the information desk. There will be a tram waiting to take you to another part of the airport. Get off the tram and follow the signs. You’ll come across a machine where you can purchase your ticket at $2.25. Then take the escalator down another level and wait with the rest of the people.


You riding pass is valid for 2.5 hours.

Now go have some fun!!


Do any other airports have decent transport to off airport activities that you have done?

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