The Valley of Fire

valley of fire

This spring when I went to Vegas to see The Eagles in concert at the MGM I went exploring. The Valley of Fire had been on my list of must see geological places ever since mom told me how spectacular it was when they saw the Eagles months earlier.

Just a short drive from Las Vegas is the Lake Mead recreational area where you can see the Hoover Dam and drive right into the lake, if you really wanted to.

Hoover Dam

Being that it is just a short drive from Sin City, you can’t fully escape the wierdos.



At one of the stops while we were hiking up the trail to look at redder rocks, so sketchy looking dude in his forties had a young, barely legal bra-less girl all roped up and was walking her down to the parking lot.

We stole glances in disbelief wondering what the Hell.

One of the other women walking up the trail was pointing at them and telling everyone to look at those two!



I really wasn’t sure what to think.

Cops were down at the parking lot helping a biker that had fallen off his bike or something, so I was hoping to cops would intervene. That would have been quite the show! But the cops never saw and the weird couple retreated back up the path to continue in their weird sexual stuff.

Valley of Fire


As we continued through the park, the rocks continued to be red and the sun bright.

If you ever find yourself in the Las Vegas area, I would highly recommend visiting the Valley of Fire State Park.

hoover dam

Where are some of your places to visit in the Las Vegas area?


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