Spring Blooms in Fargo

Spring Blooms

Spring is such a lovely time of year in the north. The snow has finally melted, the grass is turning green, and the trees are coming back to life. Every couple of years there is a super bloom of flowering trees and this was one of those years.
SpringFLower2k15 009

The flowers seemed to grow overnight. They were just there the next morning on my walk to class. The aroma was everywhere drifting on the wind and my week was brightened.

SpringFLower2k15 144

Just the week prior I had been drooling over another blogs post about the blossoms in DC. I had also been googling sakura blooms in Japan which probably wasn’t the best idea since I was dying for spring and summer and warmer weather to come.

SpringFLower2k15 072

I decided to go out an take photos once I completed my junior seminar as a way to de-stress. A couple hours and over 200 photos later, I think it is safe to say that I was thoroughly de-stressed.

SpringFLower2k15 233

What do you do to de-stress? Are there flowers like this where you are from? 


SpringFLower2k15 066

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