Black and White in New Orleans

Way back when I first got into photography, I never thought I would say it, but I love black and white photography.

And my photos from New Orleans were the perfect ones to remove the color from.

I fell in love with desaturated photos during college when I took a few film classes.

Sometimes I think making digital photos black and white is a quick, almost cheaters, way to edit photos.

Becasue I think of black and white when I can’t get the colors adjusted exactly how I want them.

I also have a preset in Adobe Lightroom that makes them all look the way I want when the color needs to go.

Ultimately, I just really like the way they turn out.

Next time you have a photo you can’t get the colors right on, try removing the color. It will completely change the photo. And who knows, you may even really like it.

Have you ever played around with black and white photography? Been to New Orleans?

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