Finding the Beauty in a North Dakota Winter

Winter in North Dakota is cold, brutal, and ugly. Sounds like a delightful place, right? So how could there possibly be any beauty in such a harsh sounding area?

You have to know where and how to look for the beauty, it’s all around. Somedays it does suck and is pretty miserable, but I wouldn’t trade North Dakota being home.

Winter in North Dakota is also bright, and beautiful.

As I write this, we are currently in the midst of a snowstorm. It’s not quite a blizzard because the wind is nonexistent for once and the large lake effect style flakes are floating lazily to the ground. This is one of the times when North Dakota is beautiful.

Of course, North Dakota is beautiful without the lazy snow.

On days where everything is white for as far as your eye can see – which can be anywhere from five to fifteen miles – and the cloudless blue sky kisses the horizon I wonder why more people don’t live in this beautiful state. Then I look at the thermometer in my car and make note of the negative in front of the number. And I never forget to subtract ten to account for the wind chill.

You have to be tough to live in this beautiful state.

Have you ever noticed how the sky seems so much clearer in the winter than it does in the summer? Or am I just crazy? I’m probably crazy, but moving on…

During any time of the year, the stars in North Dakota are incredible. I can actually go outside on a clear night, look up and see the arm of the Milky Way. How amazing is that?!

The light pollution is so low that on a good day you can see the aurora on the horizon.

One of my favorite beautiful things about North Dakota is the sundogs. Sundogs are usually seen on particularly cold winter days when the water vapor in the atmosphere crystallizes versus forming clouds.

North Dakota, like anywhere else, is beautiful in its own special way.

What are some of the beautiful things in your home state?

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