Top Three Tanzanian Holidays for Couples

Are you thinking of the ideal destination for you and your beau to unwind? Many destinations come to mind, but Africa is a favorite of many. From the beautiful lands of the Maasai Mara in Kenya to the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar, Africa has much to offer.

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Those couples who want the wild, local and cultural feel; or want to see the mighty Kilimanjaro up-close, Tanzania is your answer. Tanzania is a vast and beautiful country that boasts culture, wildlife, beaches, and good weather. Located in East Africa, near the borders of both Zambia and Kenya, the country has lovely weather almost throughout the year.

Here are some of the most recommended holidays for couples:

Mount Kilimanjaro

If both of you are adrenaline junkies and seek the thrill of experiencing something new and adventurous, a seven-day climb on Kilimanjaro would be the ideal holiday for you.

In all honesty, getting to Uhuru Peak gives a huge sense of achievement. It is going to be a lifetime memory, something you both achieved together. Sometimes, though, it can be challenging for some. Therefore, it is important that you follow even the smallest guidelines given to you by the tour operator and the mountain porters. It is also important that you take great precaution before your climb. This would include making sure you are physically fit enough to for the ascent, making sure your health is in check and that you have all the necessary equipment for the seven days on the mountain. All in all, Kilimanjaro will leave you fascinated.


Those couples who would like to take it easy can opt for a beach getaway in Zanzibar. Zanzibar island is known for its white pristine beaches, intriguing culture as well as antique architecture.

You will probably spend your time wandering through the narrow streets of Stone Town or soaking in the sun on the beach with a nice cocktail in your hand. Sounds perfect, does it not?

The best thing about Zanzibar is that it is very affordable. You can get by with $30 dollars a day if you are on a tight budget; and you can go all-out extravaganza as well! Do not miss the street food. Delicacies like the Mshkaki, Zanzibar Mix and local sea food are a must!

Serengeti National Park

The most famous wildlife national park in the world lies in Tanzania. If you and your other half like adventure, game drives, nature and wildlife – look no further. A Tanzanian Safari is the perfect choice for you.

The best time to plan your visit here would be in late June all the way to October. This way you may witness the great migration too. Plan in such a way that you spend at least three days at the National Park. This gives an opportunity to see all the wildlife and take the best photos possible. The amount of tented camps and lodges available are plenty, therefore do your research and see what accommodation type you would prefer on your safari.

You and your loved one are sure to have the time of your life in Tanzania!

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