Hiking to Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Hiking Horseshoe Bend is a quick and easy stop along Highway 89. There is a large parking lot, probably filled with tour busses, so you really can’t miss it. There is also a sign, in case you prefer signs.

The hike itself is relatively easy. It takes about a half hour from the parking lot to canyon edge if you stop at the top to read the plaques or are slow and enjoying the scenery. The hike is approximately 1.25 miles round trip from the parking lot. While I was researching prior to the trip, I found a post suggesting that you could do the hike in any kind of shoe, including high heels.

That is the stupidest thing I have ever read. You do not do east hikes in high heels. Unless you want to break your ankle.

I went around 9 AM and the shadows were still there. I would recommend going late afternoon or evening. izona,

Horseshoe Bend

What to Bring With You


Water is a must in the summer. With the scorching heat and no shade anywhere in sight, you will definitely want to rehydrate along the way.  Even in the winter, it is a good idea to bring water.  I didn’t bring water with me when I went in December, but I wish I had so I could just sit there, drink my water and enjoy the view.


The only shade along the trail is the gazebo at the top of the hill on the hike. Once you get down to the cliff face, there is nothing but you and the sun.

Wide Angle Lens 

Sure, you can capture the beauty of the bend with a standard lens.  However, if you want to capture everything in the shot, bring a wide angle.  I do not own a wide angle yet, so the photos I have are taken with a standard lens.

Rock Pile near Horseshoe Bend

Have you ever hiked to Horseshoe Bend? Did you enjoy it?

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