Shores of Lake Michigan

Michigan City Lighthouse

When I was in elementary to middle school, my family lived in West Michigan about an hour from the shore.  I remember thinking it used to take all day to get to the beach.  There was really only one memorable time that my family spent the day at the lake while we lived there.

Michigan Sand Dunes

In Mom and Dad’s defense, our house was on a river.  My sister and I would play in the river from late April sometimes until October.  It was mostly me in the water at those crazy times when the water was probably way too cold.  I always laughed and told people I was from Northern Minnesota, so it was fine.

New Buffalo light house Lake Michigan Shores

Now living in North Dakota for the past ten years there aren’t a whole lot of places to swim and enjoy the beach.  Sure, the reservoirs are technically considered great by all the people that grew up here but it is just not the same.  Especially when in late July they are blooming with green algae.  And with all the farming in the area, the reservoirs are just giant run-off pools for the farmer’s pesticides and other nasty chemicals.

I miss the clear, clean water of Michigan.

rocky shores lake michigan

Whenever I get a chance to head to the mitten state to visit family or friends, I always want to see Lake Michigan.  Though even a small lake will satisfy my desire to be near fresh water.

lighthouse shores lake michigan

These photos are from while I was visiting my aunt and uncle in February.  My aunt was able to drive me around to the different beaches on Lake Michigan and it was perfect!  The weather was perfect in the 60s too!

birds shores lake michigan

I am a sucker for water that stretches beyond the horizon and sand on my toes.  I am currently counting down the days until I get to return to Lake Michigan and the wonderful beaches.

Have you ever been to Lake Michigan?  What are your thoughts on the Lake?

shores lake michigan pin

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