Oahu May Be Paradise

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With photos like these it’s easy to see why Oahu is the paradise of America. Sorry all other states on the ocean. You just cannot beat the South Pacific, there is just something absolutely magical about it.


The main road out of Honolulu up to the North Shore is a normal road, nothing special about it except the fact that it’s right on the Pacific. It is so close in fact that you could drive right into the ocean if you really wanted to. I would advise against it.

oahu paradise

I didn’t really spend any time in Honolulu except to sleep and stay at the airport. Most of my other time was spent driving up on down the coast line stopping at the turn offs and chilling on the beaches.

Diamond Head Crater - aka GEOLOGY!
Diamond Head Crater – aka GEOLOGY!

I would highly recommend going to a Luau while you are on the island. I went to one on Kauai and it was amazing. I didn’t really feel like dropping $100 on dinner and a show for the night, so instead I purchased three oysters guaranteed to contain pearls and turned the pearls into earrings. I think that was a much better use for my $100 than food for the night. Besides, I love them! They are a silvery purple and just beautiful!


The Pali Highway leading out of Honolulu up in the mountains offers stellar views of the Pali landscape! My absolute favorite kind of mountains are the ones that I’ve only seen on Hawaii!

oahu paradise

But let’s not forget that the beach and the ocean were almost always within a stones throw of my location. Like I said earlier, I could have drove my car into it if I really wanted to.

Waterfalls were almost everywhere on the mountainsides. And I loved it!

oahu paradise

I think it is safe to say that someday I will be exploring the rest of the islands I have yet to visit. So far I have been to Kauai and Oahu, and I can definitely see why Kauai is dubbed the garden island. Oahu slid into second place, but still paradise compared to North Dakota.




Where is paradise for you?

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