Black and White Photography

Black white Photography

When I first started taking photography classes two years ago, I struggled.

I struggled with the fact that the photos were going to be on film and that I wasn’t able to see them until I developed the film. I struggled with the fact that they were in black and white – I have always been a color kinda girl. And I struggled with having to take photos of things I and my classmates saw every day. Up until then, I had only taken photos when traveling and only shared the things that were different from the norm.

Black white Photography

I’m not going to lie, it took a long while for me to fall in love with the photos. When the first class ended, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to keep going in photography. The next class was digital, so I signed up hoping to learn more about modern photography. Surely one class could teach me what I needed to know and then I could be done with it. After that, though, I had decided I was definitely going to be done with photo classes.

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Black white Photography

Then I came up with the brilliant idea to tote my film camera with me to Berlin for the summer. After that, I guess you could say the rest is history. I earned a minor in photography and fell in love with black and white images in the process.

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I only wish that film developing equipment wasn’t so expensive. I would definitely take over the basement at Mom and Dad’s and turn it into my own dark room. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to do that. So I have to be happy playing around with black and white settings in Adobe Lightroom.

Black white Photography

Going Forward

Photography is always something I have wanted to incorporate into my blog. I’ve wanted it to almost be a separate entity and stand as a form of storytelling in its own right. While having amazing color photographs can tell a powerful story about a place if done correctly, black and white can turn even the most cluttered and mundane photos into a unique story.

Going forward, I will be sharing some of my favorite photos in black and white. My goal with this is to inspire others to venture out and try something they may have never thought of before. Desaturate your photos and don’t be afraid to share them!

Black white Photography

I Challenge You

I want to see your black and white photos!

I started a photo challenge on ViewBug (favorite photo contest/sharing platform of mine) for photos of Everything Black + White. The challenge is open for submissions until April 3, 2018.

When you do enter, send me a tweet of your photo!

Did you enter the Photo Challenge?

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