A Crash Course to Planning a Trip in A Day


It’s inevitable. At some point in your life, I guarantee that you will be planing a trip in a day. Sometimes you have to plan a trip in a day and boy oh boy does that suck. That’s usually how all my trips go because it’s usually the day before I’m deciding whether or not to go. Hooray for being on top of my life!

Don’t Panic


Remember The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Remember how it had those two words on the back cover? Don’t Panic.

This doesn’t just apply to hitchhiking around the galaxy, but pretty much all of life. You really never know what is going to happen so don’t panic and just go with the flow. Like that time I got stuck in the mud and ended up covered in it at a park with no running water. You just have to laugh it off and roll with it.

Find A Place To Stay

planing a trip

I personally love cruising Booking.com and Airbnb first (click here to get $25 off your first stay with Airbnb).

I have learned that you cannot always count on Airbnb hosts to get back to you within the 12 hours of flight time you may have. I would shoot for something off Booking.com if you are in a time pinch.

Reserve a Car

planing a trip

As a car rental agent, I cannot tell you how annoying it is for us when someone walks up to the counter and says, “So, what kind of cars do you have available.” Because these are typically the people that hym and haw over the price of the car, hold up the line, want every discount under the sun and then complain about the security deposit. Here, I’ll just give you a car for free. No need to bring it back, please do keep it.

Having a car reserved in advance also means you’ll get a better rate because you can kind of shop around. I would suggest checking out Priceline too. In my city, people can get midsize cars for $12 a day. That is a steal!

How About the Plane

planing a trip


I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to hop on a plane pretty much whenever my heart desires. Unfortunately, I fly space available, which means if the plane is booked full, I am stuck in frozen North Dakota.

If you fly standby you should already know this, but have a back up plan. You should also have several back up plans to your back up plans.


North Dakota Wheat
Wheat fields over North Dakota

Did you pack your swim suit? One of the problems I come across while doing last minute packing is I forget some pretty important things sometimes. I combat this by having some items always in my bag, that way I don’t have the opportunity to forget.

And Finally…

death valley

Have fun! In the flurry of craziness, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and relax once you get there.

Have you planned trips in a day before? What are your tips to making is successful?

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