The Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair Ferris Wheel

The Minnesota State Fair or the Great Minnesota Get Together really is something unique.  Minnesota has become a melting pot of cultures from all over the world.  And everyone got together to attend the state fair.

I arrived at the fair grounds about 20 minutes after I parked my car at one of the park and ride locations in Roseville.  The parking garage was just down to road from the Residence Inn and was free!  Much better than actually parking at the fairgrounds.

The Grounds

This was my first time going to a fair in years and my first trip to a state fair.  For those of you that have never been to a state fair, they are like regular fairs on steroids.

The grounds were so massive that they even had a gondola that could take you from one end to the other.  One side had the rides and a plethora of food stands, the other was the 4H show buildings full of the winning entries from people all over Minnesota.  I took it all in strides, walking from one end to the other with stops for food and drinks.

Minnesota State Fair Crowds

Food & Drink

In The States, fair food is something many Americans look forward to the whole year.  Fair food is generally deep fried, super greasy, super fattening, might give you a heart attack, and downright delicious.  Drinks at the fair are ice cold and super refreshing.

I brought $50 in cash to spend on food and drinks and that was way too much money to spend on it, but at the time it was worth it.

One of my main goals was to search out a falafel. I found Falafel King in one of the food buildings and was discouraged it was so disappointing compared to the ones I had in Germany.  The following day I found another stand that sold falafels hoping for something better, but it was still not that great.

Next on my list was deep fried cheese curds.  I know, heard attack in a bucket.  But the cheese curds are just so yummy and can only be purchased at fairs or fair like events.

Minnesota State Fair Milk Stand

Then there are the cookies.  Almost everyone you see is toting around a bucket of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  It was super reasonably priced and smelled heavenly.  I didn’t get any though because I ran out of cash.. oops.

You can pair the cookies with the all you can drink milk stand near the dairy barn.  For $2 you can have your cup filled over and over and over again with white or chocolate milk.

Rides and Games

Like any fair, the Minnesota State Fair has a section dedicated to all the fun rides and games you enjoyed as a kid.

Other Fun Stuff

As you wander your way through the fair grounds, there are buildings filled with science stuff for children to learn.

One of my favorite buildings was the one with the quilt of the Minnesota Geologic Map.  Being the total rokc/geology nerd that I am, I have seen photos of it on Pinterest in the past, but never dreamed about seeing it in person someday.  Yep, I really am the nerdiest of nerds.

Minnesota Geologic Map Quilt

Another very cool science for kids thing was a demonstration with hawks.  The hawks were being rehabilitated to be released back into the wild.

You never really know what you are going to find at the Minnesota State Fair.  Keep your eyes open, come with an empty stomach, and have fun!

Have you ever been to a state fair?  How about the Minnesota State Fair?

Tell us about it in the comments below!

Many thanks to the Roseville Visitors Association for hooking me up with tickets to the fair!  All opinions are my own, just like always. 

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