2019 From the Window Seat

This was an insane year for travel for me. I think it’s the most I’ve traveled in years. I visited tons of new places and finally got a chance to meet up with some of my closest friends.

This year I flew in economy, premium economy, and more than a few times in first-class across the Atlantic. Sometimes I got window seats, other times I did not and was crammed in a crummy middle seat.

I even got to fly on a 747 for the first time, fulfilling a childhood goal of mine from when I would watch them fly into the Anchorage airport. Sadly, it wasn’t in first on the top deck, but that will happen soon. I can feel it!

Here is 2019 from the window seat.


In March I was headed to Scotland for the first and only time I’ve ever taken a spring break trip. The flight was a ridiculously cheap $350 round trip from O’Hare to Inverness. I couldn’t say no!

Leaving Fargo in the middle of winter bound for Scotland

Not exactly a window seat, but the 747 I was stupidly excited to ride on
Amsterdam to Inverness

Does anyone else love rain spotted windows?

An old castle in the middle of a loch on approach to Inverness

Three windows all to myself in first class


In April Mom and I flew into Houston, Texas to buy my first brand new car (#adulting), a Ford Focus named the Great Blueberry. We then road-tripped all the way from Houston to North Dakota in less than 24 hours.

There is nothing like a sunset from the window seat
I love the way the lights twinkle when flying over large cities


In May I found myself standing in the immigration line at Heathrow airport. I met up with a friend for 12 hours before heading down to Spain and popping over to Italy.

Somewhere over Spain on the way to Seville
Somewhere over Spain
Bye Italy
Atlanta skyline on the horizon


June was a busy month. The only place I ended up flying to was Denver to meet up with a friend for a quick weekend road trip to see the mountains while he was in the States.

I love these shots right as the plane is turning on the runway

Downtown Minneapolis


In August I went to New York City for a puppy delivery and had 48 hours to get out and explore the city. Mom was convinced I would be mugged and murdered, but I survived!

Sometimes you see the best cloud formations from the sky

And then on the way home, the 35-minute flight from Minneapolis to Fargo turned into a 2-hour flight as we flew south into Nebraska around the insanely awesome lightning show.


At the end of the month, one of my friends from middle school got married! A quick trip to Michigan before jet-setting off to Berlin at the beginning of October.

Favorite thing about flying to Michigan is seeing the shore of Lake Michigan from the sky


My adventure in international travel for the year continued. I was supposed to meet up with Mom early in the day at JFK in New York, but I ended up hopping cross country from Indiana to Detroit to Columbus to finally JFK just to find out Mom and her friend were at the wrong gate for Berlin! Boarding had begun and we somehow had to make our way across a massive airport in a short amount of time. But we did it! And I got to check off another flight in first-class across the Atlantic.

After Belin, I flew into Manchester to meet up with a friend for a week-long adventure in Northern England and Edinburgh.

Then back to Amsterdam to head home in the middle of the month.

After I came home from Europe, again, I had a couple of puppy deliveries. And on one of them, I got to check off state #45, Connecticut.

And then a quick trip to Nashville for another puppy deliver where I just missed meeting up with another friend. He didn’t know where he would end up and at the end of the day said, “I’m in Nashville!” My response, “Seriously?! I was just there four hours ago!”

And that has been my year from the window seat. Crazy I haven’t been anywhere since mid-October and I’m only now just starting to get itchy feet and be ready for my next adventure.

I can’t wait for my next adventure to Amsterdam and Belgium in February!

Where did you go this year?

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