Checking In Las Vegas: The Freemont

Freemont Hotel

Freemont Street is by far my favorite place to be in Las Vegas.  Anytime someone asks me what they should do while in Las Vegas, I always say, “Skip The Strip and head to Freemont Street instead.”

During my las trip to Vegas, I decided to bite the bullet and stay in a hotel on Freemont Street.  That was probably one of the best travel decisions I have ever made while in Vegas.  Everything I needed was right outside the doors of the hotel.  Nightlife, booze, and great entertainment were all right there.

The Room

The room was an average hotel room with a single queen bed.  Everything was clean and there was no trace of previous guests and that is always a plus in my book!

The bathroom was put together a little weird.  But, I managed. It was definitely bigger than some of the other hotel bathrooms I have been in. I always say all I need is a clean bed, shower, and toilet and I will be happy.

Prior to checking in, I was a little nervous about the noise from the entertainment on the street below.  My room ended up being on the opposite side, so noise was not an issue.

Freemont Hotel Room


Being that the Freemont Hotel and Casino doors open up right onto Freemont Street you will not be lacking in anything.  Bars, entertainment, and restaurants can be found lining the street of old Downtown.

One of my favorite things about Freemont street is the three stages placed at various locations lining the street.  Three cover bands usually play throughout the night, and generally, they are pretty darn good!  Last time I had the opportunity to see two bands.

Freemont Street Concert

The most popular attraction (that I am way too scared of heights to try) is the SlotZilla Zip Line.  When you sign up, you can either fly on the short zip line or the long zip line.  The short one only takes you 77 feet into the air and you fly half the distance of Freemont Street.  The taller of the two takes you 10 stories above the ground and you fly the entire distance of Freemont Street.

According to my sister, “It was fun. Totally worth it.”

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.  The Freemont is definitely the place to stay while in Las Vegas.  Your hotel room is close enough to the action that you don’t have to worry about getting a cab or a DUI (but you should never consider driving after drinking anyway).  You can stagger back to your room safely and catch some Z’s in their rooms well insulated against the noise outside.

Have you been to Las Vegas?  Did you stay at The Freemont?  What did you think?

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