Staying at the Principal Manchester

The Principal Hotel in Manchester is one of the most unique hotels I’ve stayed at in recent years.

I was cruising my IHG app looking for something different to the norm while I was in Manchester for a night. Don’t get me wrong, I love the predictability of some of the places I stay when I need a last-minute place to crash. I’m terrible at planning, but when I do make plans, I like to mix it up from time to time.

The super comfortable bed

Getting to the Hotel from the Airport

My flight from Berlin landed in Manchester around 11 pm. And I did not get a stamp in my passport this time.

I collected my bag and made my way to the public transportation hub on the advice of a friend. I mentioned I was just going to get an Uber to the hotel. He quickly advised me to get into the city center and then Uber. It would be cheaper. So instead of taking a train which would have been way easier, I got on a bus to Piccadilly Station.

I had no idea the route we were taking or where I might even end up.

We had made it almost all the way to the city center when I realized my hotel had popped up on the map. It was close. Based on the road we were on the previous few stops, it looked like we might go right past the Principal Hotel. However, I was unfamiliar with the route this bus took and it was a hopeful guess.

Key card to the room

I waited and waited. One stop, two stops, then it was the stop I was gambling on being close enough. The bus pulled up the curb and I hopped out into the rain.

This was the moment of truth. Was I going to be lost in Manchester on a rainy night?

sitting area in the lobby

I looked around, slightly panicked but there it was!

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The Lobby and Checking In

The hotel is located across the street from Manchester Oxford Road Station in a refurbished insurance building from the late 1800s. It was nothing short of gorgeous.

Lobby of the hotel

Checking in was a quick and easy experience. As a Platinum member of the IHG Rewards Club thanks to my credit card, I was given an upgraded room, a water bottle, some chocolate, and was shown to the elevator.

Don’t forget to look up when you enter the lobby

The Room

The first thing I noticed upon entering the room was the little black gift box with a red ribbon tied in a neat little bow. A small bottle of gin and a lemon sat on the plate behind it. Next to all that there was a personalized, handwritten note welcoming me to the hotel.

Welcome gifts at the Principal Manchester

Two of my favorite things in the room were the shower and the bed.

The bathroom was a bright white space with a clean tile layout. Inside the tub was a rainfall showerhead. By the time I was finally done exploring the hotel and got into the shower for the night, I wanted to stay under the hot water for forever.

The bed, oh my god the bed.

It was so comfortable I didn’t hear my alarm bright and early the next morning.

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The Hotel

After I photographed every inch of the room, I ventured back out into the hallway.

Go to the top of the stairs and look down the stairwell for a unique view


Remember how I woke up super late and missed my train? I had also missed breakfast and I was so looking forward to it. All the pictures I had seen on the internet made it look like the most amazing and delicious thing ever. I’m definitely not oversleeping next time, not missing my train, and having breakfast at the hotel.

What to do in Manchester

While I didn’t do much more than sleep and explore the hotel there, I did make my way back to Manchester about a week later and had time to explore.

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Have you been to Manchester?

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