Everyday in Berlin: Black + White Photography

Berlin black and white

For a full year, I wondered what I would do with these photos.  I really, really liked them for some bizarre reason.  However, they just weren’t right.

Berlin black and white bathroom

I played around with editing them in color on and off during that year, never really achieving what I wanted.

Berlin black and white hallway

Then one day I thought, what about black and white?  After taking a black and white film photography class I had come to the conclusion that even the worst photo looks like incredible art in black and white.

Berlin black and white kitchen

So, I got rid of all the color and tweaked some stuff.  I was finally happy with them.

Berlin black and white bedroom

Loving the black and white photos? These were taken on my digital camera, but if you want to check out some good old fashioned film photos from my 35 mm camera, definitely click here!

What do you think?  Would these photos make the cut if they were in color?  Or is black and white truly the way to go with them?

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  1. I love the black and white. I feel like it gives character to the photos. I’d love to see how the look in color but I don’t think they need it!

    • Niki Gordon

      Thank you! They definitely look a million times better than the color ones. The color ones probably won’t see the light of day for quite a while 😉

  2. Black and white definitely has a way of elevating even the most mundane photos to something special!

    • Niki Gordon

      It does! Black and white is something I had never considered until I started taking photography classes in college.

  3. Really love the photography. I feel that doing black and white photography give whatever you capturing has more depth to it.

  4. Black and white pictures paint a completely different story. I am from Austria and I am in Berlin often. Your pictures are great!

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