4 Locally Owned Places to Eat in Fargo

Kroll's Mushroom and Swiss Burger
Kroll’s Mushroom and Swiss Burger

This is going to sound super lame, but up until recently, I haven’t tried many of the restaurants in Fargo.  With school, work, and the desire to save money, I mostly ate meals I cooked myself.  I’m big on cooking my own food because it’s economical and I am frugal.  But sometimes, I just can’t get a recipe right or the restaurants add a little extra love or some other secret ingredient to make their food so delicious.

These four places are some of my favorites that I have tried the past couple of months and they all have varying styles and flavors associated with them.

Everest Tikka House

Everest Tikka Buffet Plate
Everest Tikka Buffet Plate

Everest Tikka House is an Indian Buffet located in the Moorhead Center Mall.

Before going there with a friend, I had never tried Indian food.  I’m a North Dakota girl, we like bland food.  So being that the place was a buffet was definitely a plus.  I was able to try everything and find out what I liked and what I would never try again.  Spoiler, I liked most of it, though I feel the flavors might have been adjusted to our bland Northern palet.

Kroll’s Diner

Kroll's Kneophla Soup
Kroll’s Kneophla Soup

Kroll’s is known by locals for having the outrageous commercials with a standard regional grandmother in diner get up yelling “Sit down and eat.” Now, having eaten there and tried their kneophla soup and mushroom and swiss burger, I understand why.

The food was really good.  And the kneophla soup was entirely different than what I was expecting.  Since moving to North Dakota and having my first bowl of kneophla on my last day of eighth grade, I have fallen in love with the soup.  I even have my own recipe that my cousins (from Michigan who are incredibly picky eaters) love.  But this was different, unique, and it was good.

Recipe for my version of Kneophla soup coming soon!

Cafe Aladdin

Cafe Aladdin Falafel
Cafe Aladdin Falafel

Craving Greek or Middle Eastern food? Or maybe you are looking for your Falafel fix like I was.

I stopped in one day on my way to class in Moorhead.  I had been craving a falafel for weeks, well really it has been months since I had the most delicious one in Berlin and I wanted something similar.  The falafel from Cafe Aladdin was a wee bit dry, but I think if you ask for more sauce or whatever is on it, it will taste better.

Regardless, it filled my falafel desires.

Lucy’s North China Cusine

Lucy's Moo Shu Pork
Lucy’s Moo Shu Pork

Looking for authentic Chinese food? Lucy’s is your place!

The service at Lucy’s is incredibly fast.  By the time you have ordered, filled your drink cup, gotten your napkins and silverware, and sat back down, they are usually bringing your steaming hot food out to you.  It always tastes fresh and super yummy.

And for the amount of food you get, the price isn’t bad.  I am usually bringing my leftovers with me in a box after a trip to Lucy’s.

See some of your favorites listed here? Love any other places we should know about?

Eat Fargo Pin
Eat Fargo Pin


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