Sun Country’s Hometown Lakes

Sun Country Hometown Lakes
Photo via Sun Country

I was invited by Sun Country to the revealing of their new project Hometown Lakes.

Minnesota is known as the land of lakes and is home around 10,000 of them. The lakes are a huge part of Minnesota’s identity and Sun Country decided to take a little bit of home with them to everywhere they fly.

Minneapolis-based artist Mark Herman was commissioned to design the beautiful art for each of the 24 lakes that were chosen. He trekked across Minnesota searching for inspiration at each of the lakes to begin the design process. The finished pieces were unveiled Tuesday, April 11.

Passengers will be able to see the art featured in two places on board the aircraft, the front bulkhead and the wall behind the last row of seats. On the outside of the aircraft, the name of the chosen lake will be displayed below the cockpit on both sides. The name will also appear on the exterior by the door as passengers are boarding. Once seated, passengers will be welcomed aboard the aircraft using the lake name.

Sun Country Hometown Lakes
Art in the back of the Bemidji Plane – Photo via Sun Country

The lakes chosen to be featured can be found in various parts of the state. They are Lakes Como, Geneva, George, Harriet, Hiawatha, Hubert, Independence, Irving, Jefferson, Mille Lacs, Minnetonka, Minnewashta, Nokomis, Pepin, Phalen, Ripley, Superior, Vermillion, Virginia, Washington, Winona, Lake of the Isles, Lake of the Woods, and my personal favorite Lake of the Clouds.

If you want to check out all of the pieces of art that will be displayed, check out Sun Country’s website.

Someday I am looking forward to saying that I flew on a plane named Lake of the Clouds.

Sun country hometown lakes
Check out Lake Bemidji, the first named aircraft in the fleet

Have you ever flown Sun Country? Share your experiences below!


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