30 Photos That Will Inspire You to Travel More

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I’ve now been back in the States for three whole weeks. That also means I just completed the third week of the spring semester. With six more months until my next grand adventure (details to come soon), I’m getting ants in my pants and reliving some of my favorite travel photos from the years from warms destinations as the rain is coming down in Fargo, North Dakota… in JANUARY.

Split Rock Light House

Lake Superior North Shore, Minnesota

I lived in Minnesota when I was in elementary school. To young to know much about anything. I knew that there was still an iceberg of snow and ice on the lake we lived on in the middle of May. Even at such a young age, I knew that was wrong, because I wanted to swim in the lake and it was still too cold. Now, living in North Dakota for almost ten years (wow, time really flies), I have been able to take trips back up to my old elementary stomping ground and realize how truly lucky I was to live in such a stunningly gorgeous location.

2013 Field Trips 097

Lake Superior North Shore


The farther north you go following the lake, the more beautiful it gets. I would recommend that anyone that wants a once in a lifetime road trip follow Lake Superior up into Canada.

2013 Field Trips 190

Lake Superior North Shore


Hell, if you have a passport, don’t think, just do. Follow the lake all the way, as far north as it goes.

I promise you won’t regret it.

2013 Field Trips 307

Chichen Itza

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

If you ever find yourself sitting at a resort in Mexico and not sure what to do, book a tour to Chichen Itza. Sure it’s an all day trek into the peninsula just to see some old ruins, but these aren’t just any old ruins. One of the 8 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you know they have to be spectacular. And they were!

If you have the option, book with Cancun Bay Excursions. That is who I did my tour with and it was one of the best tours I have every been on.


Watch the Sunrise from the Beach

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

I am a strong believe that if you are staying at the beach, you need to haul your lazy ass out of bed early at least once to watch the sunrise. It will almost never disappoint you with its unending beauty.


Watch the Sunrise

Yucatan, Mexico

Or you can stay up all night and watch it rise, but you had better watch it rise at least once.


Watch the Sun Rise 

Yucatan, Mexico

You never know what kind of beautiful things you may see.


Walk Barefoot on a Beach


You have all probably seen those stereotypical white girl photos and thought to yourself, wouldn’t that be nice. Walking on any beach and seeing your foot prints washed away is kinda magical.


Watch the Waves 


Nothing is more relaxing than lying in the sun at the end of a pier listening to the waves. In fact I wish I was there right now.


Swim in the Ocean at Sunset


Nothing in the world tops swimming in the warm ocean as the setting sun illuminates the sky off in the distance.


Ride a Boat out into Stormy Seas


We were headed out on a snorkel trip when the sky turned dark. The storm didn’t roll in until we were off the water it made for a day with out sunburns and a fun ride out to the site.


Hold Wild Critters


It’s pretty cool how the American rules of don’t touch and disturb nature don’t apply down in Mexico. Our snorkel guides dove down to the reef repeatedly bringing up all sorts of critters for us to hold.


Watch the Sunrise


Just another stunning photo.


Stand on the Beach and Watch the Waves


I love beaches. What can I say, I’ve spent most of my life in the cold north.


Watch a Waterfall 


I love Hawaii. I love waterfalls. What do you get when you put them together? Paradise.

Key West 117

Hang Out on the Beach 


Again, I love the beaches.

Key West 076

Road Trip Around Kauai


Growing up when my family would go on vacation, Dad was always in search of a better beach or a better location. Because of that, we got to see a lot of the destination.

Key West 118

Key West 138

Key West 162

Key West 200

Drive the 7 Mile Bridge to Key West 

Key West, Florida

My first solo trip/road trip, complete with camping in the car, but I got to explore the crowded little island and have fun.

Key West 725

Key West 750

Key West 827


Yellowstone is one of the most unique places I have been. On one end of the park, there is boiling mud. On the other end, gorgeous trees and wildlife.

Yellowstone 2014 080

Yellowstone 2014 153

Yellowstone 2014 246

Yellowstone 2014 635

Yellowstone 2014 683

Are you motivated to get out, see the world and travel more? 


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