5 Benefits of Traveling That I Have Noticed

Traveling has many benefits that a lot of people might not realize. These are five of the benefits I have noticed during my travels.

Helps You Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind can be hard to do when you are in your comfort zone and exposed to the same people with the same ideas every day. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to people of different backgrounds and that can be a really good thing.

You Will Have Friends All Over The Place

This one can be a huge benefit. What if something happens while you are away from home or out of your country. Having a familiar face around can be a great thing. And if nothing ridiculous happens while you are away it can be nice to meet up with people that you know to go out for dinner or drinks.

Improves Language Skills

Language is something that can only really improve when you are immersed in it. Sure you can learn new words and grammatical structures at home, but you don’t get all the subtle things. Listening to native speakers day in and day out is definitely the best way to fluency.

Can Help With Weight Loss

Think about it. When you travel you are generally up, out and about, exploring. Well if you aren’t, I am. When I was in Berlin in for a month I ate terribly. Bread (European bread is way better than American), butter (because you just need it on your bread), currywurst, french fries, insert other unhealthy bad stuff. The amazing thing was, I still lost about 20 pounds. How cool is that?

Keeps you Happy

Sometimes life can get boring when you do the same thing day after day, month after month, year after year. Traveling can mix that up and help you to stay a little happier and a lot less grouchy.

Looking For More Benefits of Travel

If you are looking for more benefits from traveling, Helen over at Well-Being Secrets did in-depth scientific research to find out all the reasons traveling is beneficial for you. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

What are some of your favorite benefits of traveling?

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Photos in order:
1.  Photo by Leio McLaren
2.  Photo by Anastasia Petrova
3.  Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel
4.  Photo by Trevor Cole

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