Top 5 Essential Carry On Items


I’m sure you have all seen those photos on Pinterest when people show you their essential items. Well, here is my list.

I have tried to get away from checking luggage (even though it’s free for me) just because it goes to the destinations whether I get on the plane or not. So if I want to skip out on a trip halfway through and go somewhere else, I wouldn’t have any clothes.

Take that time I went to Death Valley for example. I checked all my luggage and it all made it to Las Vegas way before me. Towards the end of the day, I was sick and tired of waiting around for a seat into Vegas. I was so tempted to standby for the flight to Honolulu instead because, I would have made it there, and back! But I couldn’t because all my stuff was in Vegas.carryon

The first essential item is a roller bag with four wheels. Four wheels are fantastic! If you are waiting in line and need to move up, with two wheels you have to tilt your bag and I usually struggle (I’m not that coordinated). With four wheels you just drag it along, easy peasy.


1. Cell Phone


A cell phone is pretty much essential in life as it is. I cannot imagine traveling without it. Wow, who would of thought I would ever say that. I suppose it was inevitable with the direction society is headed.

I absolutely love my Galaxy S5  so much more than my old iPhone. You can just do so much more with the Android operating system than the iOS system.kxhjfg

Another thing that is a must for your phone is a case that hold cards like your license and a credit card. I use this case by Spigen. It is perfect because I normally need to pack my purse in my carry-on so having easy access to the important cards needed within the airport is incredibly important.


2. Scarf



I never used to be a huge scarf fan until I got one for Christmas this past year. I wore it everywhere during the winter, but it’s navy colored, so I cannot wear it during the summer. Hopefully Costco’s will have them again this winter and I can get a neutral colored one. It’s made by Naturally Knotty if you want to find it on Amazon.

3. Travel Pillow

392649_GreenEnough said.

But seriously though these pillows can make your flight heaven. Especially when you are sitting in the middle seat.

4. Light Jacket (with a hood)


I used to have one of these without a hood and I misplaced it somewhere, but the next one I get will definitely have a hood. The Men’s Ascender Hooded Softshell Jacket from Columbia is perfect for spring, summer, fall and winter (even a North Dakota winter!). I loved my old one and cannot wait to get a new one!

5. Tablet

samsung_sm_t530nykaxar_16gb_galaxy_tab_4_1041522A tablet is perfect for travel! I love that Google Play has free movies to download from time to time. If you throw in a 128GB micro SD card, you can fill it with all the movies you want for all those long cross continent and trans oceanic flights. Just don’t forget your pillow!

What are your top 5 essential carry on items?

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