COVID-19 and Chasing Departures

During this time of craziness in our shared global history, I will be taking a step back from working on Chasing Departures. I know many bloggers are taking this mandatory stay at home time to rework their sites and put out more content.

Life for me has not changed (except I can’t travel) nor do I foresee it changing much. It will, for the most part, go on just as it has.

I still go to work. Someone has to create shipping labels for all the toilet paper and masks being shipped all over the place. Seriously, it’s crazy how much of the stuff gets shipped every day. 

I still deal with the public on a daily basis. Many people have asked if I’m afraid I’ll get coronavirus. To them, I give the simple answer of, “Nope, I’m not worried.” Because I’m not.

And before you all go jumping down my throat saying that I’m young and healthy and all that crap. I am young and healthy, but I have asthma which puts me in the risk group for this, just like it does the flu and pneumonia every year. 

Anyway, I’m using this time of travel not being as popular to work on a separate business idea of mine and I’ll be back once this is all over ✌




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