9 Essential Camping Gear for Dogs

This is a guest post by Jay Steele of outdoorfads.com

Everyone deserves a great camping trip, especially your dog.  Your pet will need various items while outdoors to ensure a comfortable, fun, and safe trip. Unfortunately, most pet owners do not know the right gear to have ready, which will make ‘Charlie’ enjoy a great stay at the outdoors.

Luckily, from the tips in this post, you can obtain the essential products you need quickly and at a really affordable rate. Now the question comes – what are the best camping gear for dogs? Read on to find out.

The Right Dog Bed For Your Beloved Canine

After running around all day, your furry friend needs to relax on the perfect bed. 

A dog bed for the outdoors should be the right fit for your pet and should also meet some other conditions. For instance, the product should not be bulky so that it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your packing list, and also so you can move freely with the item.

Also, ensure you look out for beds that are made of waterproof materials as they can protect your dog from unwanted moisture. 

Finally, your preferred dog bed should have an easy to clean surface.

Tackle the Heat with a Dog Cooling Vest 

Dog in a vest

Planning on camping with your dog in warm weather? If yes, you will have to add this nifty vest to your next camping trip list.

Dogs do not sweat the way we do. Therefore this can leave them prone to heatstroke and make them restless during excessive heat. You can tell if your dog is too hot from heavy panting and deep or rapid breathing.

This amazing vest helps protect your pet from heat discomfort and the dangers of heatstroke easily. Dip this special vest in water, wring it out and place on your pet. The fabric will lower its body temperature.

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Protect Your Pet with a Pair of Dog Goggles

Consider investing in a pair of goggles for your dog

Apart from making your animal look trendy, eyewear will protect your animal’s eyesight from excess sunlight and inflammation. 

It even helps to protect against the dust and debris found in various camping spots like beaches, lakes, and areas in high altitudes.

To get suitable eyewear for your pet, use the following tips.

  • Look for brands that include adjustable straps to their googles. This will help the goggles to fit your dog’s head perfectly and stay in place. If you find a store that stocks this item in various sizes, it is advisable you measure your dog’s head before making a purchase.
  • Choose models that have lenses with UV protection. If you use any other option, it could damage the dog’s eyesight.
  • Go for styles that will fit your dog’s eyes. 

Prepare For Accidents With a First Aid Kit For Dogs

This first aid kit for dogs consists of medical items for handing minor bruises, cuts, and sprains. Since dogs tend to get into messy scenarios like fighting with wild animals or injuries from barbed wire, this product will come in handy. 

Additionally, I recommend that you add vital paperwork (to the first aid box) that would help in the case of serious medical emergencies. An example of such a document could be your dog’s medical and vaccination records. You can even place a list of emergency numbers in the box.

Avoid Messes with Dog Car Seat Covers

A dog seat cover is one of the vital products to have in your vehicle, especially if you are a pet parent that moves around with your dog. Place the seat cover on your car seat to protect it from animal hair or urine. Remember to get a cover that matches the shape of your car seats and can help to protect against moisture.

Enjoy the Outdoors in a Dog-Friendly Tent

If you wish to go out camping in a tent, make sure to buy one that has features that will make your dog comfortable. The unit should have a pet door through which the pet can enter and exit the tent as needed. It should also have enough ventilation that will keep any weird smells in check.

Also, the tent should have durable flooring that can withstand rain and scratches. 

Lastly, it would help you greatly if you take the time to locate and purchase a model that’s easy to use and clean.

No More Missing Pets With A GPS Tracking Device 

During a camping trip, finding a missing dog can be frustrating. Valuable time that should be spent having fun could be wasted screaming and shouting after your pets. However, with a GPS tracker, you can quickly locate your pet, and return to camp within a short period.

You must understand that GPS trackers come in different types with a variety of designs. For instance, some models look like tags, while some brands supply the trackers as collars. You can invest in any option you desire but ensure you go for a unit that has long battery life and waterproof features.

Finally, remember to check if your preferred option offers an easy to use mobile app.

Easy and Quick Meals with a Dog Travel Cup and Bowl

Even if you will spend just a few days in the outdoors, your dog deserves a great travel cup and bowl. Many brands supply these pet products as a matching set. Before you hurry off and make your purchase, I suggest you look out for models that have the following qualities.

  • Easy to pack: Since you don’t want a heavy backpack, purchase bowls that can fold or collapse with ease. To maximize space, they should also come in small sizes.
  • Made with safe materials: Your preferred option should contain food-grade silicone. Also, it should not use harmful substances such as BPA. Overall, use bowls that will not make your four-footed friend ill.
  • Different Colors: A perfect bowl and cup combo should come in different colors. For instance, the set might have a green feeding bowl and a blue one for water. By using different colors, you won’t mix them up, and it will be easy to pull out the right one in your backpack.

Dry Your Dog Quicker With A Suitable Towel

After a short swim or exposure to the rain, use a doggy towel to wipe off the excess moisture from your furry friend. Instead of using cotton products, consider a towel made from microfiber. Apart from drying your animal fur, the towel might come in handy in an emergency of heatstroke.

Other essential items you should consider buying includes;


As a pet parent, you are responsible for ensuring the comfort and safety of your pet. 

This list of essential camping gear for dogs will help give your canine an outstanding outdoor experience. Furthermore, you will also be able to have a stress-free vacation.

Finally, most of these items are quite affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to purchase them. 

Now, what are you waiting for, load up on these gears and hit the road with Charlie!

What do you take with for your dog when camping?

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