Stunning Photos of Western North Dakota

Western North Dakota is a stunningly beautiful place during the summer. Sometimes you need to take a break and enjoy the beautiful landscape around you.

I have lived in North Dakota a little bit shy of 11 years. Crazy, right?

Before here, the longest I had lived anywhere was 3 years. Quite a change.

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In that time, North Dakota has become my home.

In almost 11 years, I had only been out to western North Dakota twice. Once was when I drove through on my way to Billings for a job and the second time was for a geology field trip in college.

It was time I changed that, so I packed up the car and headed west one Friday after work.

When I got to Dickinson, my stop for the night, it was pouring. Thankfully the rain stopped and the sun came out right before it set, allowing me time to go out and explore north of Dickinson.

There was still tons of telltale signs that I was in North Dakota, but I felt like I was a world away.

I’ve written about the beauty of North Dakota before, but that was during the winter when the snow just wouldn’t let go.

There is something about freshly rained on green grass that is a bit more beautiful than the snowy winter.

Have you ever been out to Western North Dakota? What did you think?

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