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Travel journalism courses take place in our workspace in West Berlin

Travel Journalism Courses in Berlin

Treetop Travel Journalism is a creative organisation, based in Berlin, that provides the opportunity to visit and write about one of the world’s most intriguing cities, via our travel journalism courses. Those on the 3-4 weeks projects attend travel writing workshops where they plan and write a travel guide, with […]

Chester Minima Carry-On Review

I was approached by Chester to review their Minima carry-on case.   Let’s start with I love it. Full disclosure though, I didn’t like the color to start with since I ordered an Ocean Blue and got Sky Blue instead. I stared at it for days trying to decide what to […]

The Best Essential Oils for Camping

It’s finally summer. Okay, it’s been summer for a long time already and our days are already getting shorter, but it still doesn’t feel like it. Every day I look at the leaves on the trees and think this can’t really be summer yet. But it is. I think part […]

What to Expect Flying with a Pet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Flying with a pet is stressful, for both of you. There are so many things that can and do go wrong, but that shouldn’t deter you from traveling with your pet. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can go a […]

A National Park Road Trip Through the Dakotas

You can do a national park road trip anywhere in the country and almost anywhere around the world. However, the Dakotas are so unique and offer three hugely different landscapes making it the perfect place to do a national park road trip. This is the perfect trip to do over […]

2018 From the Window Seat

My favorite seat on the airplane is the window seat. From it, I’ve almost seen the whole country. This year, yes, I’m very late in posting this, but I didn’t really know how I wanted to do it this time. I put this together months ago and wasn’t sure I […]

zebras in tanzania

Top Three Tanzanian Holidays for Couples

Are you thinking of the ideal destination for you and your beau to unwind? Many destinations come to mind, but Africa is a favorite of many. From the beautiful lands of the Maasai Mara in Kenya to the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar, Africa has much to offer. [box style=”rounded”]The following […]

10 Places to Visit in Northern Scotland

If I could, I would spend weeks exploring everything there is to see and do in Scotland. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for me and the majority of people so we have to settle for a week or less. These are ten places you need to visit in Scotland if you […]