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Layover in Dallas: A Quick Guide for 12 Hours

If you have a long layover in Dallas, there are plenty of activities and delicious food to keep you occupied outside the airport. After leaving the airport, head straight for Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas. The park is an open green space that spans several city blocks. Locals meetup […]

North Dakota's Winter Weather | North Dakota's winter weather is incredibly unique and unlike anywhere else I have been. | Chasing Departures | #winter #weather #sundogs #frozen #snow #northdakota #travel #photography

North Dakota’s Winter Weather

North Dakota’s winter weather is incredibly unique and unlike anywhere else I have been. We have extremely frigid days and more often than not our snow is powder. Read More:  Surviving Winter in North Dakota The day I took these photos, the temps hovered in the -30 range and the wind chill […]

Five Things I Loved in New Orleans | Chasing Departures

Five Things I Loved in New Orleans

There were so many more than just five things I loved in New Orleans. It wasn’t love at first sight when I finally ventured out to explore the French Quarter. Within the first ten minutes, I so badly wanted to return to the airport and re-rent the car I had just […]

What Overseas Students Need to Know About Money Matters

No matter whether you plan to travel to the United States to study or wish to pursue your education outside of the country, money matters require due attention. After all, not everybody is as fortunate as the unnamed Indian billionaire’s daughter who received the title of the “poshest” student in […]

Desktop Backgrounds to Feed Your Wanderlust | Chasing Departures

Desktop Backgrounds to Feed Your Wanderlust

These desktop backgrounds are perfect to feed your wanderlust whether you are at work or at home. Work recently got a set of brand spanking new computers, pretty cool considering the old ones might have been from the Stone Age. They were running Vista, so same thing, right? Actually, my first […]

An American Southwest Road Trip Itinerary

The desert is calling and I must go. My American Southwest road trip itinerary takes you through some of the most iconic and must-see places. The absolute best time to do a southwest road trip is November through February. With that being said, I am a northerner and definitely prefer […]

Interesting Facts About India | Chasing Departures

Interesting Facts About India

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage. The following is a Guest Post from Selfish Travel India has achieved all-round socio-economic progress since Independence. “India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of […]

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide | Chasing Departures

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe that Christmas and the holiday season is already just around the corner? I definitely can’t! Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.  Sctrach off World and US Map Have you ever seen those scratch off maps and thought, […]