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30 Before 30

Now that 2020 has rolled around and I’ll be 26 this year, absolutely crazy to think about, these are 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I may or may not add to this as the months and years go on. Visit all 50 states and the […]

2019 From the Window Seat

This was an insane year for travel for me. I think it’s the most I’ve traveled in years. I visited tons of new places and finally got a chance to meet up with some of my closest friends. This year I flew in economy, premium economy, and more than a […]

10 Tips for Driving in Scotland

Driving in Scotland isn’t as scary as you might think. It also wasn’t the first time I had drove in a foreign county, but it was the first time I drove in a foreign country that drove on the opposite side of the road! 1. Drive on the left Pretty […]

How to Create a Custom Futon for Your Car

You’ve heard of #vanlife, right? Well, you don’t need a van or an SUV to go camping in your car. I’ll show you guys exactly how I created a futon and turned my hatchback Ford Focus (named The Great Blueberry) into the ultimate camping car! Really that just means I […]

Your Complete Guide to Visiting Antelope Canyon

You cannot visit the American southwest without visiting Antelope Canyon. Antelope is a slot canyon in northern Arizona. Known to the Navajo as “Tse’ bighanilini” or “the place where water runs through the rocks,” the canyon formed as a result of erosion from flash floods over millions of years. The […]

Travel journalism courses take place in our workspace in West Berlin

Travel Journalism Courses in Berlin

Treetop Travel Journalism is a creative organisation, based in Berlin, that provides the opportunity to visit and write about one of the world’s most intriguing cities, via our travel journalism courses. Those on the 3-4 weeks projects attend travel writing workshops where they plan and write a travel guide, with […]

Chester Minima Carry-On Review

I was approached by Chester to review their Minima carry-on case.   Let’s start with I love it. Full disclosure though, I didn’t like the color to start with since I ordered an Ocean Blue and got Sky Blue instead. I stared at it for days trying to decide what to […]

The Best Essential Oils for Camping

It’s finally summer. Okay, it’s been summer for a long time already and our days are already getting shorter, but it still doesn’t feel like it. Every day I look at the leaves on the trees and think this can’t really be summer yet. But it is. I think part […]