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COVID-19 and Chasing Departures

During this time of craziness in our shared global history, I will be taking a step back from working on Chasing Departures. I know many bloggers are taking this mandatory stay at home time to rework their sites and put out more content. Life for me has not changed (except […]

Warm Getaways to Escape the Winter Blues

As I write this, it’s February, barely above freezing in North Dakota, the sun is shining, snow is melting, and I’ve finally dug out and am wearing my shorts. Am I crazy? Probably. Winter can seem to drag on forever, especially in the frozen north where temperatures drop below freezing […]

The Best Ways to Travel in New Zealand

This is a guest post by Matt from Known as the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand is truly a wonderland of adventure just waiting for you to conquer. While you are planning your journey to visit the Kiwis, you will need to form a plan for […]

10 Legendary Reasons to Visit North Dakota Now

When I tell people that I’m from North Dakota, frequently their reaction is like the movie Fargo? Yup, you betcha! Many of them are disappointed to learn that the newer series was not actually filmed in North Dakota’s largest city.  Their next question is usually do you guys really have […]

9 Essential Camping Gear for Dogs

This is a guest post by Jay Steele of Everyone deserves a great camping trip, especially your dog.  Your pet will need various items while outdoors to ensure a comfortable, fun, and safe trip. Unfortunately, most pet owners do not know the right gear to have ready, which will […]

A Beginners Guide to Manual Photography

Taking photos in manual mode isn’t as scary as it sounds. I pinky promise. For years I’ve shot on automatic mode, stubbornly believing that the camera knew better than the photographer on what settings it should be on to capture stunning images.  I even shot on automatic all through my […]

5 Things to do Solo in Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure that’s not a surprise. There’s just something about the city that draws me in and makes me want to stay. I’ve been there a handful of times, and usually, I’m by myself. There are so many things you can do while traveling solo […]

Staying at the Principal Manchester

The Principal Hotel in Manchester is one of the most unique hotels I’ve stayed at in recent years. I was cruising my IHG app looking for something different to the norm while I was in Manchester for a night. Don’t get me wrong, I love the predictability of some of […]

18 Affordable Spring Break Destinations for 2020

There are so many wonderful places in the world that are amazing for a Spring Break trip. I personally prefer avoiding the standard destinations people visit during Spring Break becasue they’re too crowded and prices are usually jacked up. Where’s the fun in going somewhere over priced and overcrowded? These […]