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Postcard Perfect Death Valley

When I went to Death Valley, the one thing I was not expecting was the beauty of it. I was expecting it to be a dead place full of rocks, perfect for my inner geologist! But a little sad, because I love places teeming with life. What I found was […]

Tips for Surviving the Semester

I’ll be honest, I was excited for the semester to start so I could have a set schedule again. I’m still super excited about this semester as I am taking a class on the Ottoman Empire (hey, it’s fun for a history nerd!), American Colonial History (I have to take […]

finding your inner zen

Finding Your Inner Zen

The one place I have been dying to go to ever since last December when I was planning a trip to the Marianas Islands via a stopover in Tokyo is actually go to Japan. Which I have plans of going to in a couple years provided some things fall into […]

Life in Rural North Dakota

August 18, 2015, marks eight years living in North Dakota. So what is life really like in rural North Dakota? In the summer, when the thermometer can peak at temperatures of 105 degrees, life couldn’t be better. Well, it could be cooler. In the winter when the wind chill drops […]

First Time Planning with Trover

By the time this post is live, I will be living the good life: sipping cocktails on Waikiki, exploring replicas of ancient Japanese temples, and soaking in the culture that is Hawaii. This is my first time planning with Trover and I am excited to see how it works out! […]

The Valley of Fire

This spring when I went to Vegas to see The Eagles in concert at the MGM I went exploring. The Valley of Fire had been on my list of must see geological places ever since mom told me how spectacular it was when they saw the Eagles months earlier. Just […]

Postcards From the Sky

One of my favorite things about flying everywhere is the view from the window seat. Over the years I have gathered a collection of beautiful photos from the sky. I love flying out of Fargo around the beginning of August! The land always looks like a beautiful patchwork quilt. Clouds […]

Rainy Day at the Lake

In honor of the seemingly never ending rain we have been having, I’m going to share a couple photos from my rainy day at the lake. Being at the lake was so much fun even though it was raining. It was wonderful to smell the fresh air of the trees […]

A Day in Yellowstone

At the end of June, I had the opportunity to go to Billings for a job. I was on the edge of my seat with excitement of going somewhere new and doing something almost by myself. My friends S came along to help drive, but she didn’t drive and that’s […]

Top 5 Essential Carry On Items

I’m sure you have all seen those photos on Pinterest when people show you their essential items. Well, here is my list. I have tried to get away from checking luggage (even though it’s free for me) just because it goes to the destinations whether I get on the plane […]