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Think Differently

I was speaking with my bestie the other day about going on a trip this summer. She lives in Michigan and I really want her to come up to North Dakota to be able to experience this wonderful place that I am proud to call home. It’s about a 12 […]

30 Photos That Will Inspire You to Travel More

I’ve now been back in the States for three whole weeks. That also means I just completed the third week of the spring semester. With six more months until my next grand adventure (details to come soon), I’m getting ants in my pants and reliving some of my favorite travel photos […]

5 Favorite Travel Moments of 2015

During 2015, I decided to commit to creating a travel blog and in turn, commit to traveling more. It was a wonderful year with its ups and downs and arguing with parents about where I can and cannot go, but in the end, 2015 was the year I came a […]

Osnabrück in Photos

I woke up to the bright sunlight and the crisp morning air. We had been in Osnabrück for 24 hours now and I most definitely did not hear the alarm go off. Turns out it never did. Mom had woken up a minute before, only to shut it off. Breakfast […]

Quality over Quantity

I recently read Grace’s blog updates post over at a Texan in Tokyo. There was a lot of stuff that didn’t relate to my blog, as I don’t draw comics (I really can’t draw that well anyway), and I don’t have all the free time of the day to dedicate […]

When I Grow Up

e’ve all heard this question throughout our lives. What do you want to be when you grow up? At first I wanted to be a Bay Watch Lifeguard, a Star Trek officer, then a vet, a teacher, an astrophysicist, an anesthesiologist, a teacher, a dog handler, a petroleum geologist, an […]

Taking the Light Rail to the Mall of America

So you’re stuck in the Minneapolis airport with a crazy long layover. What do you do? You can explore the Airport Mall, but after years of passing through the airport and seeing all of the same stuff, the Airport Mall gets incredibly repetitive. Another popular option from when I was […]

Why Do You Want to Start a Blog?

Four years ago on July 19th I dove head first into the world of blogging unsure of everything. I was a shy, 17 year-old high school girl content to hide in the back of the classroom with my nose in a book. I wrote my blog under the pen name of […]

planing a trip

A Crash Course to Planning a Trip in A Day

It’s inevitable. At some point in your life, I guarantee that you will be planing a trip in a day. Sometimes you have to plan a trip in a day and boy oh boy does that suck. That’s usually how all my trips go because it’s usually the day before […]

Oahu May Be Paradise

With photos like these it’s easy to see why Oahu is the paradise of America. Sorry all other states on the ocean. You just cannot beat the South Pacific, there is just something absolutely magical about it. The main road out of Honolulu up to the North Shore is a normal […]