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seattle underground light

Seattle Underground

Did you know that lurking below the streets of downtown Seattle is another city? No, this isn’t the plot of the latest horror story or thriller.  This is real.  Though I think it is appropriate to note that Ghost Hunters thought the underground tunnels would be the perfect location to […]

Michigan City Lighthouse

Shores of Lake Michigan

When I was in elementary to middle school, my family lived in West Michigan about an hour from the shore.  I remember thinking it used to take all day to get to the beach.  There was really only one memorable time that my family spent the day at the lake […]

Horseshoe Bend

Hiking to Horseshoe Bend

Hiking Horseshoe Bend is a quick and easy stop along Highway 89. There is a large parking lot, probably filled with tour busses, so you really can’t miss it. There is also a sign, in case you prefer signs. The hike itself is relatively easy. It takes about a half hour […]

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

My final photography project this year was on Lake Powell. This is something I have been wanting to do for at least a year, and I never had the time to get there. Finally, I had the perfect trip planned. Artist Statement Visiting Lake Powell has been on my mind […]

Sun country hometown lakes

Sun Country’s Hometown Lakes

I was invited by Sun Country to the revealing of their new project Hometown Lakes. Minnesota is known as the land of lakes and is home around 10,000 of them. The lakes are a huge part of Minnesota’s identity and Sun Country decided to take a little bit of home […]

Staying On Top of Life

It’s that time of year again. The time that comes twice a year once the new semester isn’t really all that new anymore. Also once I realize that I may have just jumped off the deep end yet again. My days are filled with books, class, learning, papers, and a […]

Winter North Dakota

Surviving Winter in North Dakota

If you are planning a trip to North Dakota in the winter, great! I guess. It’s not where I would choose to go (most likely because I’ve walked to class in the winter for years now), especially as it is snowing as I type this and has been snowing for […]