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Motorcycle Tour India

5 Best Tips to Explore Indian Roads

This is a guest post from Denise at Vintage Rides.  Preparing for a road trip in India? Follow our advice to make sure you enjoy your experience at its best. 1.  Be careful with the seasons With 3,287 million km² and 1,324 billion inhabitants, India is the 7th biggest country […]

Waikiki Sand Villa Room

The Waikiki Sand Villa in Honolulu

The Waikiki Sand Villa isn’t on the beach, but it is within walking distance.  I opted to skip Waikiki and find beaches outside Honolulu. During my last trip to Hawaii, I didn’t have anything planned.  I figured I could show up on the island and I would find a place […]

My Favorite Spots in Berlin

Berlin has so many fun things to do, I couldn’t possibly name them all.  After a lot of thought, I narrowed it down to my favorite six places to hang out and enjoy some of what the city has to offer. Mauerpark During the years of the Berlin Wall, Mauerpark […]

Day Trips Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon

4 Day Trips From Las Vegas

Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert which means there isn’t a whole lot to do except blow all your money at the casinos and drink tons of alcohol.  That is not entirely true. The last time I was in Vegas (I was of actual drinking age, finally) […]

Minnesota State Fair Ferris Wheel

The Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair or the Great Minnesota Get Together really is something unique.  Minnesota has become a melting pot of cultures from all over the world.  And everyone got together to attend the state fair. I arrived at the fair grounds about 20 minutes after I parked my car […]

seattle underground light

Seattle Underground

Did you know that lurking below the streets of downtown Seattle is another city? No, this isn’t the plot of the latest horror story or thriller.  This is real.  Though I think it is appropriate to note that Ghost Hunters thought the underground tunnels would be the perfect location to […]